My website was long overdue for a facelift. Not only that, but it also needed to start serving a greater purpose.

With that in mind I have started redesigning it to look and function better. My intention with this new look is to provide a site that people can come to in order to get a daily dose of positive. As I get better at managing a blog I would love to have people be able to contribute some positive messages as well. The ultimate goal is to create an atmosphere that reminds people there is good in this world and a reason to smile.

My hopes are that after spending some time here you will leave with a smile or at least some reassurance that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Thus providing you a better attitude towards life than when you arrived.
To those of you that would visit my webpage from time to time in the past so that you could get updates and share my pictures they are still available at HOME, STORY, UPDATES, PICTURES.

To those of you that have not visited my previous site. I would like to give you fair warning now that the pictures are of the scars from my boating accident. At the end is a link to pictures of the actual surgery, which are HIGHLY GRAPHIC. So, if you choose to look at them please understand they are not appropriate for children or those with a weak stomach.


6 Best Doctors

Today’s post is brought to you courtesy of my mom’s cousin and simplereminders.com. With the weekend coming up it is good to keep in mind what heals and recharges the body and soul.

Believe you can

Such a simple but profound quote. Theodore Roosevelt nailed it. People often forget that having talent or a work ethic isn’t necessarily going to get you where you want to go. Your belief in yourself speaks to people through your body language. Suddenly the results of your work ethic multiply simply by backing it with …


My name is TJ Redlich. I was born and raised in New Jersey, which despite its reputation I still maintain is a great place to live and is given an unjustified bad reputation. I come from a great family despite the problems that we have had over the years. I do not say that with the intent of putting my family down or raising them too high. Instead, to point out that if we are all honest with ourselves we will realize that none of us are perfect.

I have always been regarded as the accident prone member of my family. I have undoubtedly been responsible for many gray hairs and more than enough, what I’m sure felt like, heart attacks. This is probably a big contributing factor to my attitude towards life.

There are a multitude of beliefs you can have towards life and I have developed my own and they seem to serve me well. I intend on sharing those beliefs with this blog and if I can have a positive impact on one person’s life then this blog will be a success in my eyes.

Life is no picnic and at times it feels downright unbearable. However, I have learned that life is better lived with a smile on your face no matter what is happening and that while it may not be apparent during the more difficult times there is a positive reason for everything we experience. The skill is learning to be patient enough to see and understand that reason when it becomes apparent later on in life.