Rain is a good thing

The past few days we have been getting poured on here in North Jersey. I found myself smiling as I watched the rain pass outside and listened to it slam against the tin roof of my office building. I was reminded of how society likes to cast a negative light on the rain and I feel that is unfair.

The weather stations remind us that we will be “stuck inside.” Cautious drivers become timid drivers and emotions elevate for everyone. I myself have been known to call it, “liquid traffic.” Yet, despite all of this rain is a primary necessity in providing us with things that we need and want on a regular basis.

If it wasn’t for rain we could never stop and smell the roses. So many colors that we enjoy daily would be stripped from us and our world would turn into an endless desert. The world around us would become dry, dirty, brittle, and bland.

So, the next time you find yourself getting upset with the fact that the rain is preventing you from having that backyard BBQ or going out to enjoy a day playing outside with your friends and/or family try to remember that the rain actually serves  greater purpose.

It washes away the dirt and struggles of previous days. It feeds and nurtures the life of all organic material around you. It is a sign of rebirth and could even be interpreted as a fresh start. If that is not enough of a reason to make you smile then you could also consider that while rain causes us to seek shelter. In that shelter we can find the company of good people and more personal interactions. So, I hope you find a new positive outlook on rainy days and the positive outcomes that they are the foundation for.

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